KontraChess Privacy Policy

Effective as of May 25, 2018



This Privacy Policy describes the processes of collections, use and sharing of information provided by users of KontraChess services, including information provided on websites, APIs, email notifications, applications, buttons, embeds, and received from its partners and other third parties. This includes information provided by users when using services on the web including the information from personal social media accounts used to register personal access to KontraChess services and information processed by applications such as KontraChess for iOS, KontraChess for Android.

On using KontraChess services the users shall provide their consent to the collection, transfer, storage, disclosure, and use of their information as described in this Privacy Policy. This includes any information users choose to provide, potentially of personal or indentifying nature under applicable law.

The users furthermore shall give consent to KontraChess to be controller of their information under this policy. The data controller responsible for users’ information is KontraChess Zrt. (seat: 4024 Debrecen, Szent Anna utca 39-41. 3/1. Hungary).

The new General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 stipulates that the user alone shall control the information he/she provided to KontraChess and any other content submitted to or associated with the use of services, as described in the Terms & Conditions. Irrespective of the chosen country of residence, the users of KontraChess services shall give consent to transfer, store, and use of personal information. In some countries, the specific provisions of privacy and data protection laws may vary.

At KontraChess we firmly believe in users’ right to privacy and take obligation to keep the user informed about the data KontraChess collects from users of its services and how the information is used. KontraChess’ goal is to enable users to make decisions regarding their privacy and personal information.


Personal Information

In order for users to be identified, KontraChess requires certain information to be provided by users with includes but may not be limited to: user account name for KontraChess services, user email address, personal and device ID, personal and group messages, country of residence, IP address, and information derived from the social media account of a user if such is provided to KontraChess.


Creation of User Account Name

Creation of KontraChess account is not compulsory for users to use some of the features of the services such as searching and viewing the KontraChess match replay (gif replays) on third-party websites, or viewing content from KontraChess streamed on various third-party streaming services such as Twitch. In order for user to create KontraChess account, limited amount but not all of information regarded as “personal information” must be provided by the user of KontraChess services.

Users shall note that user account name for KontraChess services they create is publicly accessible information, which users are free to create based on their individual preferences. Users shall note that they are not allowed to create and manage multiple user accounts for KontraChess services (please refer to KontraChess Rules & Policies for further information).


Publicly Accessible Information

Some information generated by users of KontraChess services may be accessible by the community of users such as information relating to the user community profile, match history, ELO, profile picture, coin balance on the user’s account, as well as time, date and content of messages in public chat channels and such like.

Users shall be in full control of the personal data they reveal using KontraChess services and in relation to the use of services, communication with the Support and shall be precautious about information accessible to the user community, especially if it is information of unique or sensitive nature. The user has opportunity to unilaterally updates, modifies or deletes his/her information accessible in relation to the use of KontraChess services, deactivates and/or deletes his/her KontraChess user account, and such decision shall have effect on the user’s information accessible on KontraChess.com, KontraChess for iOS, and KontraChess for Android. The right to deletion of information that identifies the user in relation to the use of specific services is known as the “right to be forgotten”. KontraChess has updated its Privacy Policy and has created processes to comply with the users’ “right to be forgotten”.

Users shall be aware that KontraChess services use technologies like application programming interfaces (APIs) and embeds to make information related to users available to websites, apps, and other third-parties for their use. This includes but it is not limited to displaying information on completed KontraChess matches on third-party and social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter in a form of an animated gif or a link to a game replay linked to KontraChess website www.kontrachess.com. KontraChess has endorsed standard terms that govern how such data is processed and used, and has maintained compliance program to enforce those terms. KontraChess shall not be held responsible for how third-parties process and use such user information or in cases of data security breaches of the third-parties.


Contact Information

The purpose of contact information, such as email address or personal Facebook personal account is to customize the user's account or enable certain account features such as login verification and/or account recovery of KontraChess user account. Such information may be used to inform users about KontraChess services or for commercial purposes, to help prevent spam, fraud, or abuse, and to help users of KontraChess services indentify and find each other, including using third-party services and client applications. Users may choose settings for email and mobile notifications to control notifications they receive from KontraChess. At any time users may opt to unsubscribe from notifications by following the instructions in the notification or instructions on our website. Users shall note that email addresses users submitted to KontraChess are not be visible to other users and do not appear in search results on KontraChess website or by using services relating to KontraChess.

Additional Contact Information: Users may choose to provide additional information to help improve and personalize their experience in using KontraChess services. This includes but it is not limited to the choice to upload user profile picture. In instances when a user contacts our website, we may keep the user's communication, email address, and contact information to respond to the request. If a user decides to connect his/her KontraChess account with his/her account of third-party services, the KontraChess may get access to the user's information from third-party services provided the user's consent is given.


Direct Messages and Non-Public Communication

KontraChess offers features that allow users to communicate directly to each other. For example, users can use Direct Messages to have private conversations with other KontraChess users or with a group of users. When users privately communicate with others such as by sending and receiving Direct Messages, KontraChess stores and processes such communication, and information related to it. Users shall note that when they interact with the public KontraChess content shared via Direct Messages, for instance by opening ongoing KontraChess match via Direct Message, such activities may generate information accessible to the community of users. Users shall be aware that the content of communication such as Direct Messages used in direct and private communication as well as group communication, can be reproduced, copied, stored, and shared.


Optional information

Users may choose to provide the following optional but not required information to help improve and personalize their experience in using KontraChess services. Such information includes but is not limited to: country of residence, profile picture, range of ELO for KontraChess match challenges, blocking or muting other KontraChess accounts, creation and sharing of private tables.


Information received from the third parties

KontraChess may receive information about the users of its services from the third parties such as KontraChess user community, business partners (including ad partners) and corporate affiliates. Partners and affiliates of KontraChess may share user information such as a browser cookie ID, mobile device ID, or cryptographic hash of an email address, as well as demographic or interest data and content viewed or actions taken on a website or app.



KontraChess keeps track of how users interact with KontraChess chat to help improve and personalize their experience in using KontraChess services. For these purposes shared KontraChess matches may be converted to clickable links. Email communication with the users of KontraChess services and shared matches that appear on third-party websites and mobile applications may also contain such links.

By clicking on such links the users allow for information relating to their use of KontraChess services together with other information associated with the specific content of such links to be shared with the third parties. Third parties may also collect other personal data from users of KontraChess services including but not limited to cookie identifiers and users' IP addresses.



Users on KontraChess services shall note that KontraChess uses cookies and other similar technologies to collect additional website usage data and to improve its services. Nevertheless KontraChess does not require cookies for many of its services such as searching and looking at public user profiles. A cookie is a small-size data file that is transferred to the user's device.

KontraChess may use both session cookies and persistent cookies to better understand how its customers interact, to monitor aggregate usage of services and web traffic, as well as to customize and improve the services. Although most web browsers automatically accept cookies, some browsers’ settings can be modified to decline cookies or alert users when a website is attempting to place a cookie on the user’s device. Users shall note that some services may not function properly if the cookies are disabled.


Log Data

KontraChess receives information when users of its services view content related to the services or interact with the services, referred to as “Log Data”. The purpose of Log Data is to ensure provisions of services and their secure, reliable performance such as protecting the security of accounts. Receipt of Log Data by KontraChess is not conditioned on creation of KontraChess user account.

Each time the user or KontraChess services visits its website, signs in, interacts with email notifications, uses its account to authenticate or visits a third-party services relating to content of KontraChess services, KontraChess may receive information about the user of its services. The Log Data includes but is not limited to information such as the user's IP address, browser type, operating system on user’s device, the referring web page, user’s mobile carrier, device information (including device and application IDs), search terms, and cookie information. Log Data may also be received when users interact with links on our services.


Information Sharing and Disclosure

KontraChess does not disclose the personal information of the users of its services except in specific circumstances as prescribed under this Privacy Policy.


User Consent or Direction

KontraChess may have access to, share or disclose user information based on user consent such as by authorizing the third-party web client or application to access KontraChess accounts of users or if its user willingly decides to share the match to another public website or platform. If users share such information, like Direct Messages or Private Tables with another user who has access to KontraChess services, such information may be shared with the third-parties as well.


Service Providers

KontraChess has standard contractual terms with other service providers in order to ensure the provision and functions of its services within and beyond the territory of the European Union. Third-party services are used for the purpose of hosting our servers, databases, and analyze user behavior such as Google Analytics. KontraChess may share personal information of its users with such service providers as stipulated under this Privacy Policy, and accepted standards of confidentiality and personal data protection and in accordance with applicable regulation.


Law, Harm, and the Public Interest

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Privacy Policy, KontraChess may preserve or disclose the users’ information if deemed reasonably necessary to comply with the law, regulation, legal and court proceeding, subpoena or government request; to protect the safety of any person; to address fraud, security or technical issues; or to protect users’ rights or property. However, no provision of this Privacy Policy is intended to limit defense or objection that users may have to the third parties, including the request from government to access the information of users of KontraChess services.


Managing the User’s Personal Information and Right to be Forgotten

All registered users of KontraChess services are provided with tools and settings to access, modify, amend or delete the personal information provided to KontraChess that serves the purpose of identification of users.

In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, all users are given opportunity to delete their user account at KontraChess and information therein provided. The right to deletion of information that identifies the user in relation to the use of specific services is known as the “right to be forgotten”. KontraChess has updated its Privacy Policy and has created processes to comply with the users’ “right to be forgotten”.

Deletion and forgiveness of users is based on individual requests for deletion submitted to support@kontrachess.com upon the receipt of which the user account is firstly deactivated and subsequently permanently deleted. Following deactivation and prior to permanent deletion of user information, the user profile and some of user information shall remain stored by KontraChess for up to 30 calendar days and reviewable. The period of 30 calendar days offers opportunity to users to re-activate their account without losing any personal information. Unless otherwise agreed with the user, the process of deletion starts 30 days following deactivation and lasts for up to a week.

The users of KontraChess shall note that search engines and other third parties may still retain copies of their information that was publicly accessible, even after permanent deletion of user profile.


Object, Restrict, or Withdraw Consent

User account settings offer opportunity to users to manage and amend their privacy settings and add their account features at any moment.


Privacy law in certain jurisdictions

The users of KontraChess services provide consent to KontraChess to transfer, store, and use their data in jurisdictions which can be different from the jurisdiction of the user. Some jurisdictions may have different privacy and data protection law from jurisdictions where the user is a resident and may vary from country to country.

The transfer of personal data outside of the European Union or members of EFTA is ensured by applicable regulation of specific jurisdictions where data is stored as well where user is a resident. Third parties engaged in the transfer are liable for the breach of privacy and data protection laws of the country where user is resident as well as generally accepted privacy standards in the European Union and the United States of America. KontraChess as well as its affiliates, partners and third-parties engaged in services shall comply with applicable regulation regarding the collection, use, sharing, and retention of personal data from the European Union.

Privacy related complaints and cases shall be submitted to complaints@kontrachess.com.

All disputes arising from complaints will be addressed through internal complaint resolution process.

Privacy participants are subject to the investigatory and enforcement powers of the US Federal Trade Commission and other authorized statutory bodies. Under certain circumstances, participants may be liable for the transfer of personal information from the European Union or Switzerland to third parties outside the European Union and Switzerland.


Amendments to the Privacy Policy

KontraChess may amend the terms of privacy policy unilaterally in order to comply with the legislation.

Amendments and changes to the policy will be notified in email to all registered users of KontraChess services with KontraChess account irrespective of content and amount of personal information provided by the user. Users are therefore required to submit their email address in order to open the user account. Users are required to observe such changes with attention.

The notification of amendments and changes to the policy shall be sent to users of KontraChess services with KontraChess account.

The most current version of the policy is accessible at https://kontrachess.com/privacy-policy


Effective: May 25, 2018


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Additional Information and Support

Thoughts and questions about this Privacy Policy? Please, let us know by contacting us at support@kontrachess.com or at https://kontrachess.com/support